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Signature Please cancel my Preferred Customer Agreement. I understand that I will no longer be able to receive the Melaleuca Preferred Customer benefits including but not limited to the 30 40 discount on products Loyalty Shopping Dollars and Melaleuca Marketplace discounts. Suspend Preferred Customer Benefits Form 3910 S* Yellowstone Hwy. Idaho Falls ID 83402-6003 1. Customer Information Please print clearly MELALEUCA CUSTOMER NUMBER TELEPHONE NUMBER FIRST NAME INITIAL LAST NAME ADDRESS CITY...
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folks great to have all of you on here this evening as Ive told all of you before nothing will ever replace one on ones or two on ones or in homes but there are there are folks who spend a lot of time on Facebook and now theyre over a billion billion now Facebook members and and this is a great opportunity for you to learn how to find new business builders utilizing Facebook and you know I have known max town guard for gosh about 12 years and now he and Ive been out on Mary Martha and Ive been out on his boat with him down in Florida we had lunch together a couple times its been a great friendship max has been effectively called the father of social networking by millions of people hes the worlds leader with leading authority on building relationships online and teaching a simple three-step process to the online sales process to people seeking to make sales or enrollments online on social networks for over 18 years max has helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners build and expand their businesses online using social networks like facebook linkedin myspace Twitter and YouTube and during this webinar hell show you how to tap into the endless food prospects pick out the best people qualify them and close them by asking a few simple questions and Maximus methods have proven to eliminate rejection from the selling process and dramatically increase sales and his prospect and recruiting scripts not only work online that they also work down at the mall so folks great to have max on here with us this evening max Jim thank you very very much and its its really a pleasure its really a pleasure to be here folks what were going to talk about tonight is the fast and easy way to build an international Melaleuca business on facebook in less than an hour a day today Im going to clearly demonstrate the simplest an easy way for anyone to make money using Facebook or any other social network Im going to show you how to identify perfect prospects for your Melaleuca business anywhere in the world as easily as you can pick green M&Ms from a huge bowl of candy and then Im going to show you how to bring them into your business most people trying to make money on Facebook are so focused on the fact that it gives everyone direct access to over 1 billion people all around the world they forget Facebook was created as a social network and they blatantly try to sell stuff and they fail miserably like this car salesman here and many wake up one morning to find that their facebook pages have been cancelled you know Facebook marketing takes consumer direct marketing to a whole new level I received this last week from someone who just went through just ordered my program max your scripted messages are simply amazing I can get a person talking and interested in my website in as little as seven minutes now I signed up two people last night one was a complete stranger from having him added as a friend to get his getting into my business took less than 24...
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